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Remington Review strives to publish new, original work by rising poets, fiction and creative nonfiction writers, and visual artists. A quarterly online journal, new issues are published during every season of the calendar year. While the editors don't have any preference for content, they want to see your best work. Submit something daring and moving. Make them cry. Make them feel inspired. If you have a new piece of work that readers want, Remington Review wants to publish it. Visit the submission page for more information.


Current Issue

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Fall 2022 Issue - It's Here!

The Fall 2022 issue is live! This is a special anthology issue celebrating our five-year anniversary. We are so thankful for the amazing contributors who allowed us the opportunity to publish their beautiful work again in our latest issue. Enjoy reading!



Winter 2023 Submissions - Now Closed!

November 25, 2022

Submissions are now closed for our Winter 2023 issue! Thank you for submitting your work. Our editors will respond soon with a decision. Our Winter 2023 issue will be released in January.

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Fall 2022 Issue is Released!

September 28, 2022

The Fall 2022 issue is released! This is a special anthology issue celebrating our five-year anniversary. We are excited to remember work by our previous contributors. Thank you to our writers and artists, and our team of editors for making this possible.

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Interview Published in "Sapling" - Black Lawrence Press

September 6, 2021

Remington Review Editor-in-Chief Kasy Long was interviewed by the editors of Sapling, a weekly e-newsletter published by Black Lawrence Press. Long answers questions about the journal, her vision for the future, and the best parts of being an editor. Enjoy! Thank you to the editors for this feature! Subscribe to the e-newsletter to have access to the interview and future e-newsletters.


Interview Published in "Six Questions For..." Blog

August 13, 2021

Remington Review Editor-in-Chief Kasy Long was interviewed by Jim Harrington for his blog, "Six Questions For..." Long answers questions about the journal and what the editors look for in regards to submissions. This might be helpful as you submit material for our Fall 2021 issue. Enjoy! Thank you, Jim Harrington, for this feature!


Interview Published in "The Blue Mountain Review"

November 10, 2019

We are pleased to share that Remington Review was featured in the latest issue of The Blue Mountain Review! Our editor-in-chief, Kasy Long, was interviewed in the issue about the inspiration for starting the journal, our vision for the journal, and advice we give to people who wish to start their own journal. Thank you to everyone at The Blue Mountain Review for including us in your wonderful issue! It felt nice to be on the other end of the publication process for a change. Read our interview, starting on page 114 of the issue. 

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Archive of Past Issues

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Featured Artist

Rebecca Cristante is the featured artist for our Fall 2022 issue. Her artwork is the cover art for the issue. Cristante is a trained ecologist, visual artist, and poet living in Decatur, GA, with her two sons. Her nature photography has been used by local plant societies and universities for classification and identification over the years, and her poetry has appeared in publications such as "Eyedrum Periodically," "Burnt District," "Mistake House Magazine," "The Five Hundred," "Constellations Journal," "Spark Wheel Press," and "The Georgia Review." Her first collection of poetry, "There is More Pavement than Wilderness East of the Mississippi," was published in 2020.

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We Want Your Work!

Submission Information

Remington Review wants to give your creativity a home. We seek new, original work. However, as of January 2021, we are accepting reprints, as long as your submission contains information about past publications. We love to feature work by upcoming writers and artists, but we read every submission we receive. We have published work by college students, freelance writers, and published authors. If you're a writer and/or artist, send your work our way!

Send us your best poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art by Friday, November 25, 2022. We do not have any established themes for our issues. However, we do not publish material that promotes discrimination (racism, sexism, ableism, and other discriminatory topics).

Our team of editors, writers, and readers (led by Founder/Editor-in-Chief Kasy Long) are experienced and passionate about what they do, and they are here to provide a home for your work.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but the author must notify us immediately if his/her work is accepted for publication elsewhere. Contributors will be notified if their submissions were accepted by Remington Review via e-mail about a week after our submission period ends.

NOTE: We do not pay our writers and artists at this time. Eventually, we would love to pay our contributors, but it is not possible at the current moment. With this in mind, we do not charge a submission fee.  

Submission Guidelines: 

Poetry - Send up to five pieces of work totaling no more than 10 Word or PDF document pages to remingtonreview@gmail.com. Subject your email: [AUTHOR NAME] - Poetry Submission. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. 

Fiction - Send one original piece of fiction no more than 3,000 words as a Word document [not a PDF] to remingtonreview@gmail.com. Subject your email: [AUTHOR NAME] - Fiction Submission. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. 

Creative Nonfiction - Send one original piece of creative nonfiction no more than 3,000 words as a Word document [not a PDF] to remingtonreview@gmail.com. Subject your email: [AUTHOR NAME] - CNF Submission. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. 

Visual Art - Send up to five original pieces of art to remingtonreview@gmail.com. Subject your email: [ARTIST NAME] - Visual Art. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. In addition, include an artist statement to accompany your piece, if selected for publication.  

For any questions, contact the editors at remingtonreview@gmail.com.


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Interested in having your work published in Remington Review but you have a few questions first? Get in touch with the editors to start a conversation.

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