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Welcome to   Remington Review

Where Your Creativity Will Find a Home

Remington Review strives to publish new, original work by rising poets, fiction and creative nonfiction writers, and visual artists. A quarterly online journal, new issues are published during every season of the calendar year. While the editors don't have any preference for content, they want to see your best work. Submit something daring and moving. Make them cry. Make them feel inspired. If you have a new piece of work that readers want, Remington Review wants to publish it. Visit the submission page for more information.

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Current Issue

Winter 2024 Issue - It's Here!

The Winter 2024 issue is live! We are so thankful for the amazing contributors who allowed us the opportunity to publish their beautiful work in our latest issue. Enjoy reading!


Archive of Past Issues

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Featured Artist

Hamzat Faruq is the featured artist for our Winter 2024 issue. His artwork is the cover art for the issue. In the artist's words: "I draw from life and basically everything that touches my feelings of necessity. At times, I create artwork through my feelings and memories, and saying things that can motivate people in positive ways. I want my artwork to influence the world positively and contribute to the growth of art. Love, peace, and life itself trigger me to keep doing my art, which guide my daily life activities."


​Hamzat Faruq is a Nigerian-based artist in Lagos, who is known for mix-media and full-figure painting of Black subjects that embody the complex emotions associated with the contemporary Black experience. Faruq started drawing at the age of six when he drew with his classmate using graphite to draw comics and cartoons. In 2018, he joined the Ayowole Academy of Arts. He has created artwork for an art exhibition in Taiwan. His artworks are not created for beautification only or for people to appreciate, but for people to learn from it and hold positive points. His inspiration mainly comes from African issues, human desires, and also from his family traits, etc. His artworks are to solve world problems in a positive way. 

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We Want Your Work!

Submission Information

Remington Review wants to give your creativity a home. We seek new, original work. However, we also accept reprints, as long as your submission contains information about past publications. We love to feature work by upcoming writers and artists, but we read every submission we receive. We have published work by college students, freelance writers, and published authors. If you're a writer and/or artist, send your work our way!


Send us your best poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art by Friday, March 8, 2024. We do not have any established themes for our issues. However, we do not publish material that promotes discrimination (racism, sexism, ableism, and other discriminatory topics).


Our team of editors, writers, and readers (led by Founder/Editor-in-Chief Kasy Long) are experienced and passionate about what they do. They are here to provide a home for your work.


Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but the author must notify us immediately if his/her work is accepted for publication elsewhere. Contributors will be notified if their submissions were accepted by Remington Review via e-mail about a week after our submission period ends.


NOTE: We do not pay our writers and artists at this time. Eventually, we would love to pay our contributors, but it is not possible at the current moment. With this in mind, we do not charge a submission fee.  

For any questions, contact the editors at


Submission Guidelines

How to submit to us!


Up to 5 poems!

Send up to five poems totaling no more than 10 Word or PDF document pages to

Subject your email: [AUTHOR NAME] - Poetry Submission. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. 


No more than 3,000 words!

Send one original piece of fiction no more than 3,000 words as a Word document [not a PDF] to

Subject your email: [AUTHOR NAME] - Fiction Submission. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. 

Creative Nonfiction

No more than 3,000 words!

Send one original piece of creative nonfiction no more than 3,000 words as a Word document [not a PDF] to

Subject your email: [AUTHOR NAME] - CNF Submission. Please include a brief third-person biography statement.

Visual Art

Up to 5 pieces!

Send up to five pieces as .JPEG images to

Subject your email: [ARTIST NAME] - Visual Art. Please include a brief third-person biography statement. In addition, include an artist statement to accompany your piece, if selected for publication.  



Kasy Long, Editor-in-Chief/Founder

Kasy Long founded Remington Review in 2017 after graduating from college. She was a member of her university's literary journal, and she missed being a part of a literary staff. She missed being a part of the literary community. So, she founded Remington Review, and over five years later, she's still managing Remington Review with the support of family and friends. They help her review pieces. She wouldn't be able to publish the journal without them. 

Kasy Long is a full-time content writer in higher education in Indiana. She also writes poetry and fiction stories -- with her work appearing in Nixes Mate Review, Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, Oracle Fine Arts Review, Inside the Bell Jar, The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, and others. She is working on her first novel, which she hopes to publish soon.

Contact Us

Interested in having your work published in Remington Review but you have a few questions first? Get in touch with the editors to start a conversation.

Thanks for submitting!


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